We only have one item for this year and it was Christmas card Laura received that was forwarded to Marion.  two letters from this month and they are the earliest ones preserved by Marion.  The card was from the family that lived across from Laura and the husband worked at Florida State where Laura also taught.  Vaughn Mancha was an Athletic Director at FSU among many other things and only recently passed, dying in 2011.  The family still owns the home located on High Road.

December, 1963        Card Front    Card Back   

December 1963 Christmas card from Vaughn ManchaThe family lives diagonally across the street.  He is Dir. Of Athletics.  When he was looking for a site to build he called me and thus found land he could afford (owned by an elderly woman who sells a piece of land when she needs money).

The card was sent to Laura’s FSU mailbox, the address given was Dr. Laura Jepsen 225C Campus