December 1960 


     We only have two letters from this month and they are the earliest ones preserved by Marion.  The images embedded in the text from the letter will include the first page of the letter or card and occassionally the envelope itself if it is of interest.  All dates of letters are drawn from the postmark on the envelope unless otherwise noted. 

December 18, 1960        Page 1    Page 2    Envelope


Dear Marion,

December 18, 1960 letter page 1Thanks for the pink & blue butterflies.  Yes, I plan to stay here instead of going to visit the Pascoes in an orange grove in Winter Haven.  I would, if I went there, have to leave the dogs in a kennel and would have the annoyance of traveling crowded highways.  I’m going to the homes of friends for two occasions Christmas day.

I’m told I’ll have to wait for the clock until after the holidays for the man has sent for parts.  I don’t know whether that means more than wire of the proper weight to replace the cords or whether it includes more.  The bill will be 12 or 13 dollars, I’m told Mrs. Putnam, wife of the jeweler, is in the Eng. dept. and gives me this information.  I don’t know the man who does the actual repairing.  I wish I had the clock on the mantle Dec. 22 because I’m having 8 or 9 persons here for fruit juice before we go out to dinner.  I haven’t called the Holts of N.H. yet but plan to invite them.  The pecans were as flimsy this year as I have ever seen them.  Many seem withered in the shell – but even at that the larger nuts sell for 69 cents a pound.  Someone who grows pecans thought the excessive rain washed away the pollen. 

As to the fan, if you don’t need it, I might be able to use it in summer or perhaps in winter if I set it in the windows between balcony and the big room.  Perhaps it would draw up the heat also.  I’ve tried burning soft coal with oak logs and now I’m buying charcoal by the 20lb pound bags.  It seems cleaner.

If you send the fan, Marion, please send it C.O.D.

I’d like to give you the price of it.  You have been so utterly generous.

With Love,


December 30, 1960        Page 1    Page 2    Envelope

Dear Marion,

December 30, 1960 Letter page 1Thank you for the beautiful bird-card.  I think you and Lou might enjoy the cards I’m sending.  Three or four (of) the birds I’ve never seen.  However, I’m rather sure I saw a bluebird about a week ago.  Saw also a meadow lark, ruby-crowned and gold-crowned kinglets and a white-eyed vireo. 

I’ve had five tall holly trees planted near the house (in addition to a half-dozen others of various sizes and varieties) so at last I feel rooted.

This sunny afternoon I am sitting in the front seat of the car and Kip is snoring in the back.  Meg is in her box in the house.  She runs when we go near the car.

I imagine you took your mother riding on Christmas.  I hope she too had a good day.

With Love,